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Secure transactions in the blink of an eye

Get paid faster and enjoy lower overhead fees with Spendrio when compared with credit card payments

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Your customers can make fast account-to-account transfers in two great ways.

Spendrio Payments

Our unique platform that has made us a trusted payments platform for over 10 years.

Customers make account-to-account transfers securely from their own banks web interface.

Spendrio PayID

Built on the cutting edge New Payments Platform (NPP), customers can make account-to-account funds in near real-time* using a unique PayID that will be generated as an email address at the point of payment. Allowing merchants to receive funds at the time of purchase.

Learn more about the New Payments Platform.

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How it Works

Seamless customer experience

Customers on your website or online store can choose to pay with Spendrio.

Spendrio Payments
Using our unique account-to-account transfer method.

Spendrio PayID
We generate a unique PayID, for the customer to use.

Spendrio Payments
Customers use their bank details to login to their internet banking via Spendrio’s user interface and transfer funds to the merchants account using pre-populated BSB and account numbers.

Spendrio PayID
Customers login to their banks website or App and transfers the funds using the unique Spendrio PayID. Transferring the funds to the merchants account in near real-time*.

The customer returns to your website.

If the customer has paid using PayID, we verify the payment in the background. We’ll keep you informed of the progress, giving you peace of mind.

The seamless payment solution you've been waiting for

Simple transactions for a faster checkout
Better customer experience = better customer loyalty
Easy onboarding process
Automatic reconciliation and sophisticated reporting
Expert account to account payment service provider
High security, low fraud. ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certification
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Better security from a trusted brand

ISO 27001:2013 certification

Spendrio does not store consumers’ internet banking login credentials

All communication is over SSL using 2048 bit SSL Certificates, with data encrypted in transit and at-rest

Peace of mind credentials

  • Spendrio Payments holds and maintains ISO 27001:2013 certification

  • Spendrio Payments use a fully compliant Cloud environment which offers scalability and flexibility

  • Communication is via SSL, using 2048 bit SSL Certificates

See everything and report in real-time

Access everything with the Spendrio Portal

Access to reporting, user setup, configuration and custom settings
Enables 3-way reconciliation
Unique Spendrio ID makes it easy to reconcile transactions across systems
Access real-time transaction reports
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A seamless integration no matter how you sell

Spendrio checkout

It’s easy to accept internet banking payments by integrating Spendrio into your checkout via an API.

API Documentation

Plugins for popular platforms

Spendrio offers a simple REST integration, so you can integrate it into eCommerce plugins including Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce and more.

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*Some financial institutions may have internal policies that may delay the processing of payments – refer to the FAQs